Who is Hutto Web Support?


HWS was founded in 2009 when Owner Chris DeRusseau began to notice a shift in the computer service industry in the Round Rock and Pflugerville area.  No longer were the majority of issues hardware related, be it installing peripherals or simple hardware failure.  Malware, viruses, and other software issues were the leading causes of problems for computer users.  Manufacturer warranty began to mean very little.  Virus removal and software issues (including OS reloads) began dominating the industry.

Corporations with full-time IT staff were less affected, as they had experience and expertise on-hand to contend with these issues.  But more and more home users were left in the lurch choosing between costly repairs, or just buying new equipment needlessly.

Thus was born Hutto Web Support.  A company dedicated to providing the best IT support available for a true value.  With over 20 years of experience, our Windows administrators can help with any software or malware problem.  We can provide the tools and knowledge to avoid malware in the first place.  We can support firewalls, email, spam, networking, website hosting and design.  We can offer discounted remote support, eliminating the need for an onsite visit.  Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, and Hutto trust HWS for ALL computer repair needs.

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